About Us...

I grew up surrounded by flowers and love for all the elements that make up a bouquet, crafts and details. I learned from my Mother all the romance, passion and determination of the florist business.

Today I write my own story and following my dream. Born in Venezuela and a business administrator, I build an adventure in new latitudes creating a universe where everything is possible together with a unique and quite eclectic team of: creative, designers and floral artists.

For us, the concept is a fundamental part and is its common thread in each story or project, breaking paradigms and creating our own style, to create memorable experiences with our clients.


Our values

Our values ​​position the client in the first place, and for that reason we work every day to offer a personalized, differential service, in addition to dedicating many efforts to create exclusive designs in our bouquets and gifts, to give a smile in each shipment.

For us in Box Rose a bouquet is made with love and with fresh flowers. We believe that sending a bouquet is the most powerful declaration of love, friendship or gratitude that exists.

Box Rose is for people who love the detail of every detail because it is never enough when it comes to making someone you love happy.